Abe Pledges US$83.4m to Sahel Region

Abe Pledges US$83.4m to Sahel Region

(ABIDJAN, COTE D’IVOIRE – Saturday, January 11,...

Africa Cabinet Government Network Elects Liberia

Africa Cabinet Government Network Elects Liberia

(MONROVIA, LIBERIA – February 10, 2014) At...

Armed Forces Day Keynote Address

Armed Forces Day Keynote Address

Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen: This day was set...

Savannah State University Seeks Partnership UL

Savannah State University Seeks Partnership UL

(MONROVIA, LIBERIA – Tuesday, March 4, 2014)...

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News, Comments and Analyses

News, Comments and Analyses

MONROVIA, March 27 (LINA) – The Founder of Kingdom Harvest Elementary School in Wombohawai Town in Kolahun District, Lofa County, Oretha Tarley, is appealing to the Ministry of Education

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GBARNGA, March 20 (LINA) - The Upper Bong County Office of the National Elections Commission (NEC) in Gbarnga has released final results from the recent voter registration conducted in the upper portion of the county.
NEC Upper Bong County Magistrate Daniel Newland told the Liberia News Agency that the commission office in Gbarnga during the period (February 1- March 14), recorded 112,663 eligible voters in upper Bong County.

Newland said Electoral District #3 recorded the highest number of registrants with 32,784 follow by Electoral District #1 with 31,702.

“Electoral District #4 is in the third place with 24,489 registrants while Electoral District #2 is placed fourth with 23,688,” Newland stated.

Newland told LINA that the NEC Upper Bong County covers eight administrative districts which were combined in 2011, making up four electoral districts in the upper portion of the county.

He named the districts as Jorquelleh 1&2, Kokoyah, Tubkpablee, Boisen, Kpaii, Zota and Panta, adding that the NEC office in Gbarnga earlier targeted 110,000 registrants but the commission was grateful that it went above due to the massive turnout for the voter registration in the county.

Newland, however, hailed residents in the eight administrative districts in upper Bong County for the massive turnout for the voter registration at the 86 centers in upper Bong County and encouraged them to repeat similar turnout at the poll in October.

Meanwhile, the NEC office in Totota, Lower Bong County is continuing the tabulation of data collected from the 95 centers in the five districts in lower Bong County.

NEC magistrate Barsee Kpaingbai said the five districts include Fuamah, Sanoyea, Salala, Yellequelleh and Suakoko, adding that staff assigned behind the St. Paul River in Fuamah and parts of Sanoyea districts are using canoe to transport the data and other election materials to the NEC office in Totota.

Bong County is the third most populated county in Liberia which, according to the Liberia Institute for Geo-Information Services (LIGIS) 2008 population and housing census, has more than 350,000 residents.

Before the start of the voter registration on February 1, the NEC announced that the process was targeting 2.5 million eligible voters across Liberia and of this number the commission set a target to register 210,000 eligible voters in Bong County.

Court Firm On Lawyers Appearing Before It

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MONROVIA, March 20 (LINA) – The Sixth Judicial Circuit Court opened its March Term Monday with a mandate that it will not permit unlicensed lawyers and those who have not paid

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MONROVIA, March 20 (LINA) – Lawyers representing current and former government officials indicted in the Sable Mining alleged bribery case Monday took exception to Judge Yarmie Quiqui Gbeisay’s

MONROVIA, March 20 (LINA) - The Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) has announced it will commence a new tax payment scheme through direct bank transfer beginning April 1.