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New WFP Boss Presents Letters To Foreign Minister Kamara

30 December 2016, 9:37 am Written by 
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MONROVIA, December 29 (LINA) - The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) has a new country director and Resident Representative in Liberia. He’s Mr. Bienvenu Djossa from the Republic of Benin.  According to a Foreign Ministry release, Mr. Djossa presented his Letters of Credence to Foreign Minister Marjon Kamara at a brief ceremony at the Ministry’s conference roomThursday.

Welcoming Mr. Djossa to Liberia, Minister Kamara expressed delight at receiving the new WFP Country Representative to continue the good work that his agency has engaged in over many years in Libera.

“You’ve come at a good time and there’s a lot of room for us to work together,” she said, highlighting Government’s current emphasis on the agriculture sector.

Touching on the “Zero Hunger” campaign for Liberia expected to be launched shortly, Kamara disclosed that Dr. Amos Sawyer has been designated as the champion and hoped that together with WFP, he plays that role.

She highlighted the convergence between WFP and the Liberian Government which has also prioritized the agriculture sector to enable Liberians feed themselves.

Foreign Minister Kamara told Mr. Djossa that the Foreign Ministry is open to support his agency’s activities, adding, “I hope that you find your assignment here not only interesting but fulfilling.”

In response, Mr. Djossa informed Minister Kamara that his agency is undergoing profound transformation, explaining that WFP has developed a number of tools packaged into a new five-year strategic plan.

The new WFP country director disclosed that in Liberia, his agency, along with other stakeholders, has commenced a strategic review of the hunger solution towards the 2030 agenda of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), with government leading the review.

He noted that the time has passed when people will come with their own ideas and later put them on shelves.

Rather, he said, WFP and stakeholders have begun to investigate the depths of food insecurity and the lack of good nutrition in Liberia which include a thorough assessment, cost sectoral assessment and then craft a country-driven strategic plan, vision and what they intend to achieve.

He indicated that WFP’s work in Liberia is geared towards providing safety nets to strengthen food and nutrition security through “home grown” school feeding and social protection measures, and to strengthen Liberia’s capacity to own and implement hunger solutions.

Mr. Djossa stressed that WFP will provide school meals to promote education, support rural livelihoods, assets and access to markets as well as provide assistance to refugees hosted in camps, emphasizing that his agency’s focus is the 2030 agenda (SDGs-2) which intends to get rid of hunger, referred to as “Zero Hunger Strategy”.

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