ExxonMobil Holds Media Awareness On Oil, Gas Sector

6 October 2016, 6:15 pm Written by  Wilfred Gortor & Chiedi E. Nyenmoh
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MONROVIA, October 6 (LINA) – As many Liberians continue to speculate about developments in the oil and gas sector, ExxonMobil has convened a one-day awareness session with the Liberian

media to help it do informed reportage on the sector and enlighten the citizenry.
The nation's hydrocarbon sector is currently plagued by misconceptions occasioned by a gap created by the lack of knowledge-sharing, adequate publicity, geopolitical interest and major distractions created by politicians.

The media awareness meeting was organized by ExxonMobil, lessee of Liberia's Oil Block -13, in partnership with the National Oil Company of Liberia (NOCAL), as part of ongoing endeavor to sensitize Liberians on the realities of the oil and gas sector.

Organizers said the meeting was intended to provide journalists a broad-based knowledge of how the sector operates with the hope that knowledge gained will be transmitted to the public through media outlets.

Lead facilitator Robert W. Taylor of the US-based International Human Resource Development Corporation and Vice President of Global Business Development, in his presentation on the exploration and production life circle of oil and gas, alluded to the meticulous process and timeframe required to achieve a vibrant hydrocarbon sector.

In the five stages of the circle, which include discovery, evaluation, development, production and abandonment, Taylor disclosed that it takes 5-10 years for a company to complete an exploration and15-30 years to go through the production stage of the oil and gas sector.

This explanation by Taylor, according to NOCAL Public Information Officer Ambulah Mamey, should be used by journalists to help dispel speculations that the nation's oil and gas sector is being abused and squandered.

Mamey thinks that with the nation is still in the exploration stage, and so the public must be informed that out of the total number of oil blocks owned by the nation only two - Blocks 13 and 14 - loaned to ExxonMobil and Chevron, are currently under contract.

According to him, the Government is only generating income from the sales of seismic data and other obligations as contained in the Production Sharing Contract (PSC) with the companies.

"Our intent is to build a society conscious about the risk and other factors associated with the oil and gas sector," Mamey noted.

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