Defense Ministry, Small Arms Commission Sign MOU

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(LINA) – The Ministry of National Defense and the Liberia National Commission on Small Arms (LINCSA) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to put in place mechanisms to control and properly account for weapons.

This will also serve to support an effective arms-marking, record-keeping and tracing regime.
The MOU was signed between the two institutions on Tuesday, May 19, at the Ministry of National Defense.

Deputy Defense Minister Joseph F. Johnson signed on behalf of the Defense Ministry, while the Chairman of LINCSA, James M. Fromayan, signed for his entity.
In remarks, LINCSA Chairman Fromayan said the MOU is a result of the ECOWAS mandate to ensure that state-owned small arms are marked for proper tracing.
For his part, Deputy Defense Minister Johnson recollected the decade of the 90s which marked the proliferation of small arms within the Manor River Basin as a result of civil wars.

He noted: “it is time as a government to exonerate ourselves from the misuse of such arms by doing the proper marking for accountability and traceable reasons.”
It can be recalled that ECOWAS member states are under obligation to ensure full compliance with Article 9 of the Treaty to create a National Database and Registry of Small Arms and Light Weapons.