Japan-Liberia Ties Reveal Strength Of Partnership - Addy

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(LINA) –Commerce Minister Axel Addy has emphasized that the signing of the Non-Project Grant Aid between Japan and Liberia reveals the strength of the partnership.

Minister Addy stated that the Government of Japan stood beside Liberia during the Ebola crisis and is now identifying with Liberia in the post-Ebola recovery era.

According to a Foreign Ministry release, Addy spoke at the signing ceremony of a Non-Project Grant of US$4.2 million between both countries in Monrovia on Monday, May 18.

He mentioned that Liberia recently held bilateral negotiation with Japan at the World Trade Organization.

The Minister noted that Japan has proven to be a lifelong partner that is committed to seeing that Liberia is transformed and for its citizens to benefit from the investments made by the Japanese Government.