Speeches & Presentations

THURSDAY, 25TH AUGUST 2016 | Madam. President; Distinguished Members of the Council; Ladies and Gentlemen.

On behalf of a grateful President and Nation, permit me to thank the Security Council for its support to Liberia’s ongoing transformation. The maintenance of peace and security by the Council through UNMIL has been pivotal to Liberia’s stability and progress as well as the security and stability of the sub-region. We urge the Council to continue its close attention and support to Liberia as we strive to consolidate our cherished peace.

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[Protocol] Once again, in fulfilment of Article 58 of the Constitution, it is my duty to report on our Legislative Agenda and the State of the Nation.

[Protocol] Your Excellency, Madam President; Let me begin by thanking you for the rare honour and the great privilege of witnessing the very kind sentiments expressed on this special occasion in relation

November 19, 2015 (As Delivered)

[Protocol] You know that we refused to accept the legacies of a Failed State or the portrayal of our Nation as a pariah, an "exporter of conflict," undeserving of our rightful place of respect and leadership around the family table of the world.

Your Majesty, Mayor of Madrid; President de la Vega; Members of the Advisory Board and the Board of Trustees; Special Guests; Officials of the Spanish Government, Friends;

Ladies and Gentlemen:

 I thank you, Your Majesty, for the warmness of your greeting and I thank the officials of Government for the kind courtesy in welcoming us on our arrival.