“Get Rid Of Bench Warmers,” Says Education Minister-Designate

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MONROVIA, November 26 (LINA) –Education Minister-designate Dr. Elizabeth Davis-Russell has said the education sector needs to “get rid of bench warmers” to build a conscious and educated society.


According to Dr. Davis-Russell, “bench warmers” are people who work only 15 days a month or sit under trees and do nothing, but collect pay checks at the end of the month.

Appearing before the Senate Committee on Education at the Capitol Building recently, Dr. Davis-Russell suggested that the ministry revisits the labor laws and get rid of such workers.

“Change will not come easily for the populace, but we must work harder to ensure that the country does not develop an obsolete education sector,” she pointed out.

Dr. Davis-Russell indicated that Liberians must understand that rebuilding the education sector is dependent on the fulfillment of one’s duty, whether a teacher or janitor.

Russell is currently serving as president of the Tubman University in Maryland County with over 40 years of experience in education.

Meanwhile, Deputy Education Minister for Planning, Research and Development designate Anthony Nimely, has challenged Liberians to acquire quality education to enable them assume exemplary roles throughout the globe.

He proffered the challenge when he appeared before the Senate Committee on Education recently.