Dujar School System Announces 10% Tuition Cut In High School

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MONROVIA, January 12 (LINA) – The management of the Liberia Dujar Association School System (LDASS) in the Monrovia suburb of Gardnersville has announced a 10 percent cut in tuition and fees at the junior and high school levels.

The cut which takes effect during registration for the opening of schools in February 2015, is intended to assist parents who are faced  with financial problems as a result of the Ebola outbreak, according to the Project Director of LDASS, Dennis Toe.
In an interview with the Liberia News Agency Monday, Mr. Toe could not readily specify the reduced fees in dollars, but said it will be determined at the time of registration.
He pointed out that LDASS took the decision to bring some relief to parents who have been entangled with financial problems as a result of the outbreak of the deadly Ebola disease.
Toe has meanwhile called on government to provide private schools technical and financial support for the re-opening of schools.   
He said the Ministry of Education needs to convene a technical meeting with private schools to ascertain the problems confronting them in the re-opening of schools at this critical juncture in the country’s history.
He indicated that the  pronouncement by government to open schools at this time imposes  serious economic and technical constraints on private schools that are not receiving financial and technical support from government or from overseas partners  to facilitate their operations.
Toe emphasized that some private schools have been challenged with recruiting teachers who might have left during the closure of schools and that to replace them will take sometime.
He pointed out that the LDASS is prepared to work within the time-frame indicated by the government, but said the government should consider the financial difficulties most parents are confronted with which incapacitates them in sending their children to school.