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This Child is going to Lead. That was the prophecy of an old man who witnessed the infancy of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, our President, seventy-six years ago. 

From those days,   till today, Ellen, as she is commonly called, continues to lead people and she is still leading people – leading from CWA when she was the valedictorian of the graduating class, to Equator bank, then to Liberia’s  ministry of Finance, to CITIBANK,   the World Bank, UNDP, through to the presidency  of Liberia, Ellen continues to Lead, according to the prophecy.
Leadership continues to be her hallmark. Leading consultancies, leading specialized teams to look into specialized problems of this world, Rwanda being no exception.  As we say in Liberia, To Lead is her Area.
At the end of the civil war which brought this country to her knees, the people came to know no one but Ellen as their leader - a kind-hearted leader, the Mother of this nation, who is appreciated by majority  of the Liberian people -  to such an extent that the theme of debate  discussions has been the question - Who can lead Liberia like Ellen. That aside, our President will
 always be adored for her caution in responding to national crisis and her manner of solving problems. Those of you who have been around her throughout her presidency are witnesses to  her leadership  -  a character worthy of emulation by tomorrow's  Leaders and  the future leaders of the great Land of Liberty, Liberia.