African Peer Review Mechanism Panel Pays Courtesy Visit

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(MONROVIA, LIBERIA - Friday, March 14, 2014) President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, today, received members of the Panel of Experts of the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) at her Foreign Ministry office in Monrovia.

According to an Executive Mansion release, the Panel Members are in Liberia to hold talks with the Liberian President on APRM-related issues. President Sirleaf currently chairs the APRM Forum.

Speaking during the courtesy visit, President Sirleaf welcomed members of the APRM Panel of Experts to Liberia and congratulated its new chairperson, Ambassador Fatuma NDangiza, on her preferment as head of the APR Panel, urging her to lead the Panel to a new level of progress.

The Liberian leader stressed that her leadership of the APRM Forum is currently focused on, among other issues, building a functioning Secretariat, integrating the APRM Forum into the structure of the African Union, and ensuring that more countries accede to the Forum.

President Sirleaf told the APR Panel Members that leaders of the continent whose countries have not acceded to the APRM will need assurance that the Panel will ensure a quality review process if they are to accede. She informed the visiting Panel Members that efforts are being made to filter the activities of the APRM into the Post-2015 Development Agenda, and that arrangements have been made to bring on stream the donor and partner community to galvanize more support for the work of the APRM Forum.

The APRM Forum Chair, President Sirleaf, urged the APR Panel of Experts to develop a strategic work plan that is time-bound, indicating that she looks forward to the results of the different meetings in Monrovia and a comprehensive roadmap for moving forward.

Speaking earlier, the Chairperson of the APR Panel of Experts, Ambassador Fatuma NDangiza, briefed President about the current state of the APR Panel of Experts. She thanked President Sirleaf for her leadership role which, she said, inspires its members as they execute their duties. “The Panel has organized series of meetings and its members have committed themselves to the work of the Panel. We are enhancing the Panel’s work and building synergies, partnership, and also seeking capacity with sub-regional and regional economic bodies and institutions,” Ambassador NDangiza pointed out. 

Ambassador NDangiza pledged the Panel’s commitment to work with President Sirleaf to ensure the accession of more African countries to the APRM process and announced the development of a strategy for enhancing the work of the APR Panel.

The APR Panel of Experts Chairperson informed President Sirleaf that strategic retreats and workshops are being planned with the support of the African Development Bank and United Nations Development Programme, emphasizing that the partners are much more committed to supporting the work of the APR Panel.

“The Panel is seeking your support Madam President, for an Extraordinary Session of the African Union’s Assembly of Heads of State and Government on the way forward for the African Peer Review Mechanism,” Ambassador NDangiza concluded.

The APR Panel delegation who visited the Liberian President included: the Chairperson of the Panel, Ambassador Fatuma NDangiza; Vice Chairperson, Ambassador Ashraf Rashed; and Panel Members, His Excellency Mr. Eden Kojo, Ambassador Okon E. Uya, Mr. Joseph Mankin, Dr. Mustapha Mekedeche, Mr. Youssouf Khayal, Professor Ali Abu Manga, Dr. Assefa Shifa, Dr. Rachel Mokamunana, Dr. Kofi Adorgloh, Mr. Dalmar Jama and Mrs. Arlette Yemek.