“Selective Justice” -Rep. Gray on House’s Punishment of Lawmakers

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Montserrado lawmaker Moses Acarous Gray has frowned at decision by the House of Representatives to punish some of its members for misconduct, saying the Committee on Rules, Order and administration acted on “selective justice” in its recommendations.

Rep Gray in an interview with legislative reporters following last Thursday’s session said the Committee in its report left out other lawmakers who were in the mastermind of the quarrel in session in January, which led to the punching of one of its members.

The confrontation stated when some members of that august body called on the Speaker Alex Tyler to recuse himself from proceedings in session due to his alleged involvement into a US$25,000 scandal at the National Oil Company of Liberia (NOCAL).

Rigmarole over the matter persisted for two working sessions until Rep Roland Cooper of Margibi Punched his colleague, Isaac Kogar of Bong County.  

“The letter written by Representative Wessel Blamo was clear. In his communication he spoke about five of our friends to be investigated and others but in this committee report, they did not say anything about the others as was said in Representative Blamo’s communication. They did not say as if they are still investing them or not. Where the others are is what I want to know and what action will be taken against them too,” Rep Gray lamented.

“Note that Representatives William Dakel, Bill Conneh, and other lawmakers who left their seats the committee in their report did not give reference to the others lawmakers,” he added.

Additionally, he said during the standoff, there were lawmakers who were on the side of the Speaker and also misbehaved but was ignored by the Committee.  

Rep Gray also argues that the Committee’s decision drawn from the Constitution, not the rules and orders that govern that august body.   

Rep Gray: “When you speak of contempt, the punishment for it is five hundred Liberian Dollars or imprisonment it did not call for suspension of any member of that body.

 “I see this report as an instrument to cause a divided House and no speaker would want to preside over a divided house. So as I have filed a motion for reconsideration, I think the right thing will be done but if they plenary fail to do so and my colleagues see it prudent to take legal action against, I will go on the side of justice.”