Disorderly Conduct Cases Top Robertsport Court Docket

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ROBERTSPORT, April 21 (LINA) – Cases of disorderly conduct are dominating the docket of the Magisterial Court in Robertsport, Grand Cape Mount County, Senior Magistrate Robert B. Shannon has disclosed.

Of the 10 cases on the docket, seven are disorderly conduct, two on aggravated assault and one statutory rape, Magistrate Shannon said.

He told the Liberia News Agency Monday that some of the cases that are beyond the trial jurisdiction of the court have been transferred to the 5th Judicial Circuit Court for proper redress.

Meanwhile, cases scheduled to start Monday have been postponed to April 28, 2014 due to the long distances witnesses have to travel to appear in court.

Shannon said the postponement will give the witnesses ample time come to Robertsport and testify in the case.