Grand Gedeh Launches ‘No To Mob Violence’ Campaign

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ZWEDRU CITY, March 20 (LINA) - Grand Gedeh County has kicked off its version of the “No To Mob Violence” campaign in the provincial capital Zwedru, with a call for people to seek legal redress when offended, instead of resorting to lawlessness.

According  to  the  organizing  committee,  the sensitization  is  aimed at creating public awareness against mob violence,  no  matter where  it  is found in  the  County, and  bring

perpetrators  to  justice.

The  "say  no to  mob  violence"  public  awareness  kicked -off  with  a drama performance on mob violence by  the Gedeh Rooster Cultural Troupe.

In his  official  statement  at  the  well-attended launching ceremony, the chairman of the Grand Gedeh County Anti-mob  Violence Committee, Mr. Washington Yonly, said mob  violence is  tantamount  to  bush  and jungle justice and  must stop.

"It is unacceptable in all civilized societies around the world and should be discouraged by all well-meaning people wherever they are, be they residents or citizens. This practice brings untold sorrow to victims without having their day in court. It is better to seek redress through the justice system," he concluded.

The Grand Gedeh County official anti-mob violence campaign comes in the wake of its official launch countrywide by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf on January 25th this year.

The launching ceremony was held at the Zwedru Peace and Reconciliation Center, commonly known as the 'Triangle'.

The ceremony was graced  by  local  government  officials,  including  chiefs and representatives  of international NGOS, UN Mission in Liberia ,women, youth  and  civil  society groups.

The county anti-violence committee, was set up two weeks ago by Superintendent Peter L. Solo, with a mandate  to  create  awareness amongst  citizens  and residents of the County that government wants  strict  adherence  to  the  rule of  law and abhors mob violence  in any form.

The  county  committee  comprises  nine  members of diverse backgrounds, headed by County Project  Planner  Washington  Yonly,  with  UNMIL Communication and  Public Affairs Coordinator Napoleon Viban as co -chair.