Liberia Submits Security Plan to UN

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The Government of Liberia has submitted to the UN Security Council a plan detailing how it plans to takeover security of the state upon the withdrawal of the UN multinational force from the country by December 2016.

Liberia’s Justice Minister and Attorney General Benedict Sannoh told reporters on Wednesday in Monrovia that the plan was first endorsed by the National Security Council headed by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf before its submission to the UN body.

Among other things, he said the document details various needs of security agencies, including training and infrastructure needs.

The Justice Minister said preparing the country’s security and justice sector to take over the responsibility of providing security for the state was a huge task that requires so much money to implement the plan.

He said the government is unable to bear the financial costs of training and equipping relevant security agencies to man the country’s porous borders.

However, he said it is important for the government to demonstrate its commitment toward the exercise through budgetary allocation and other things.

Cllr. Sannoh said the Security and Justice Sector of the country serves as the foundation on which all socioeconomic activities are anchored, thus stressed the need to strengthen the sector.