New Maryland Senator to foster People-Centered Agenda

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Maryland County Senator-elect Gblebo Brown has vowed to carry out a people-driven leadership style in serving his native county, Maryland.

Speaking Sunday at an acquaintance meeting of Barrobo and Karluway Districts citizens in Caldwell, Senator-elect Brown described his victory as a “testimony of integrity and a confirmation of hope by the people of Maryland.”

Brown, a long time development oriented public and private sector worker, named sustained consultation as his paramount tool to bridge the perineum gap between political leaders and the ordinary citizens of Maryland.

He noted that his vast experience in working with the United Nations system and other reputable local and international organizations will not let him down in his quest to justify the confidence reposed in him by the people of Maryland.

Brown promised to work for unity in the Maryland Legislative Caucus, something he said will serve as a centrifuge for rapid and sustained development in the county.

He urged his kinsmen to put behind them minor electoral differences and focus largely on the development interest of their county.

Before running for the Maryland senatorial seat, Gblebo was Superintendent of Maryland County for three years.

Several jubilant Marylanders at the program described Brown as a once valuable asset lost but regained at a critical juncture of their county’s growth and development drive.

The program, held at the residence of the Senior Aide’ Camp to President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Brigadier General Jeremiah Hinneh, brought together some prominent Maryland citizens including former Senate President Pro-Tempore Willie Ragland, as well as the newly appointed Superintendent, Madam Betsy Kuoh-Toe amongst others.