Morias Frowns on “Moral Bankruptcy” in Senate

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The Chairman of the Legislative Caucus of Maryland County, Senator H. Dan Morias has frowned on the attitudes of some members of the 53rd Legislature terming same as “moral

bankruptcy”. He generalized these attitudes as “seeking their own interests rather than the interests of those they represent.”

The Lawmaker made the remarks to a team from the Ministry of Information in an exclusive interview at his residence in Harper City. He observed that these attitudes continue to leave the Liberian people with the sad impression that politics is about self-gratification and a game for which one must necessarily “suppress one shoulder in order to lift another”.

“Our people now think politics is about lies. For us, we see politics from a different dimension. We see it as an opportunity to put to practice your vision for your people” said Chairman Morias.

Responding to whether the ongoing developmental initiatives have changed the focus of politics in his county, Senator Morias indicated that notwithstanding the many improvements in the county and across the country, politicians are still looking inward and narrowing their focus to what serves their personal best interests.

“For me, I’m not too happy as a politician in Liberia because people are yet to understand what politics is all about. They think that politics is about jobs or being secured. For example, those of us who are elected for 9 years think we are secured by being given a job for 9 years. But, unfortunately, 9 years come and go so fast that when we realize that 9 years have gone, we come back asking for another term with little or nothing to show for the first. It then becomes difficult.” He lamented.

In a visibly resigned mood, the Lawmaker expressed deep regrets about his current employment. “If I had known that the Senate would turn out like this, I would have never asked my people to send me there!”

The Minister of Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism, at the head of a media team, is currently visiting Maryland, River Gee, Grand Gedeh, Nimba, Bong and Margibi Counties to assess the impacts of ongoing development programs of the government as well as the current state of the reactivation project of the Liberia News Agency (LINA) and the touristic potentials of the counties.