CDC Condemns Violence In Nimba County

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The opposition Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) has condemned the recent destruction of the facilities of ArcelorMittal at Mount Tokadi in Yekepa by some disgruntled youths of Nimba County.

The Secretary General of the CDC, Nathaniel McGill, said “if people have concerns, they should learn to resolve them legitimately and not by the use of violence”.

He made the condemnation when he appeared as guest on the Truth Breakfast Show on Wednesday, July 16.

The CDC official said those who perpetrated the crime against ArcelorMittal should be brought to justice without interference, noting “in all fairness, no one will want to condone violence, considering where this country has come from.”

According to McGill, the Government has taken the appropriate action by arresting those involved in the incident to prosecute them in keeping with the due process of law.

He, however, called on the Government to do what is necessary to ensure that concessionaires live up to their social corporate responsibilities in order to avoid the recurrence of such unwholesome acts.

McGill pointed out that the government, whether central or local, needs to know that when concerns are raised, it needs to take responsibility to address such concerns to make sure that it governs the peace.

By Prince Nagbe