River Gee Applauds Govt. for Community Bank

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Citizens of River Gee County have applauded the Government of Liberia for opening a bank and an encashment center for GoL checks in Fish Town, the Capitol of the county.

According to some of the beneficiaries of this new facility, there is now an aura of enhanced economic security in River Gee and neighboring counties.

Mr. T. Tweyon Wleh, an employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs assigned in the county, said the establishment of the bank has indirectly increased his income by eliminating the possibility of expending a sizable portion of his salary to travel to Monrovia to pickup and encash checks. “The process is now so easy and simple. All I have to do now when I get in Fish Town is to verify my name on the roster, sign for my check and encash it in the next room. I don’t have to abandon my job and my family for a week to run after pay in Monrovia.” Wleh confessed.

In an interview with a team from the Ministry of Information, County Superintendent Daniel Joseph said the bank is a combined effort of the ordinary people of River Gee County and the Central Bank of Liberia based on the model and operating license of AfriLand Bank.  He said the bank was first setup by the government of Liberia as a check encashment center, which was later transformed, by the county’s administration, into a fully functional bank through collaboration with the CBL and AfriLand.

Special arrangements have been made with this new bank to process teachers’ checks on Saturday to allow them teach during the week and get their pay on weekends.