Ministry of Education commences training on “Protocols for Safe School Environments” on the Ebola outbreak in Liberia

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MICAT, February 3, 2015: The Ministry of Education has commenced the training on the “Protocols for Safe School Environments on the Ebola outbreak in Liberia”.

This training is targeting Ninety Eight District (98) Education Officers, Ninety Eight Health Officers and over Fifteen Thousand Five Hundred Teachers and other Education partners.

According to MOE release, the objective of the training is to prepare school administrators, teachers, PTA and Partners to put in place appropriate measures at schools and within communities to mitigate the impact of Ebola on schools and stop any incidence of Ebola transmission on school campuses.

According to the Assistant Minister for Planning, Research and Development, Ann-Dora Gbormie, the training will be rolled-out in all Ninety Eight Education Districts with support from Ministry of Health and Education partners.

Madam Gbormie called on all public and private schools administrators and teachers to cooperate with training teams and give priority to this training which is a pre-requisite for the opening of schools.