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The significance of democracy, said the Liberian Leader, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, is about competing on the basis of utilizing ideas to improve the lives of people, the people politicians want to lead.

All in all, these prospective voters need improvement in their conditions and their way of life. That is why contestants of the forthcoming elections should know and understand that even though they would disagree on issues they should be able to agree on the principles underlying nationalism and peace. After all, political scientists have defined development simply as the means of bettering the lives and the well-being of people. That is why; the hallmark of the forthcoming elections should be the ability of being capable of discussing issues so that voters would be able to know you the contestants. As a nation and people, grappling and struggling to eradicate the deadly Ebola disease, from our society, you the contestants and non -contestants, should have no option but to join hands together to evict the Ebola disease from our country and to intensify the discussion of issues during this campaign period and to be tolerant throughout the electioneering period.

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