Understanding the new study for Preventing Ebola in the future

3 February 2015, 3:24 pm Written by 
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We know that you by now know and  have heard of the Ebola vaccine tests which started in Liberia today.
The main purpose of the study is to find out if  giving a single dose of a test vaccine will prevent  one from catching the Ebola Virus Disease.
About 20,000 volunteers will participate in the test.  This particular type of study will show that  the vaccines will be given to the volunteers  and  those who receive the vaccines  
will be protected from the Ebola Virus Disease.
Maybe you will want to know why the vaccine is being tested in Liberia. The vaccine is being tested here because Liberia is one of the countries in West Africa hardest hit by the Ebola epidemic.
It is expected that the vaccine study will contribute to the development of vaccines to protect people in Liberia and elsewhere from Ebola.
Those who can participate in the study include people in communities where there is Ebola now, people who live near or with people who have Ebola, burial teams, health care workers, husbands and wives of Ebola survivors and Ambulance workers.
That is why we are encouraging  you or anyone who falls in the category of people listed to voluntarily participate in the study and join to save our country from Ebola in the future.
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