Torrential Rains Hit Monrovia, Making Several Homeless

Torrential Rains Hit Monrovia, Making Several Homeless

Torrential Rains Hit Monrovia, Making Several Homeless


By T. Ezekiel Geeplay


MONROVIA, June 28 (LINA) – Torrential rains in Monrovia and parts adjacent have resulted in massive flooding of communities and homes, leaving hundreds in a state of confusion.


Monrovia has been experiencing a heavy downpour from early Friday, June 28, 2024, which has resulted in flooding of several communities and roads connecting major streets to the center of the capitol.


On Bushrod Island, hundreds of commuters were faced with the challenge of making their way to central Monrovia due to flash floods that submerged the main road in the Freeport and Clara Town communities, while similar difficulties were reported from Capitol By-pass and other major streets in central Monrovia.


Dozens of residents in the Paynesville belt have also been hit-hard by the situation, and some have sent out SOS calls to the government and philanthropic organizations to assist in the process.


Several of the residents have been rendered homeless especially in Nezoe, 72nd-James N. Davis, Watch Tower in Police Academy, Congo Town Back-Road and portion of ELWA communities.


The Liberia News Agency witnessed some residents in the named communities scooping water from their homes in what seems to be a futile adventure to save their already damaged properties and personal effects.


Several communities in and around Monrovia are prone to flooding due to the arbitrary construction on water channels, backfilling of wetlands and the dumping of garbage in drainages.


Prior to the inception of the raining season, it can be recalled that the National Disaster Management Agency (NDMA) issued a stark caution to citizens, highlighting the potential dangers the raining season may cause this year.


The NDMA called on Liberians to prepare themselves for the worst raining season, while estimating that over 100,000 Liberians are likely expected to be affected by the impact of heavy rainfall due to climate change.