President Boakai Launches "LIBERIANS FEED YOURSELVES" National Agriculture Development Plan To Boost Food Security And Economic Growth

President Boakai Launches "LIBERIANS FEED YOURSELVES" National Agriculture Development Plan To Boost Food Security And Economic Growth

Today marks a historic moment for the agricultural development pillar of the ARREST (Agriculture, Roads, Rule of Law, Education, Sanitation, Tourism) Agenda as President Joseph Nyuma Boakai, Sr. unveiled the National Agriculture Development Plan (NADP) 2024-2030.

The launch event, held at the EJS Ministerial Complex, underscores the Government's commitment to revolutionize the agricultural sector and promote self-sufficiency in food production.

Addressing a diverse audience of citizens, friends, and partners, President Boakai expressed his optimism about the transformative potential of the NADP.

Titled "LIBERIANS FEED YOURSELVES AGENDA," the six-year agriculture development policy initiative charts a new course for the country's agricultural future.

With a focus on innovative strategies, modern technologies, and comprehensive investments, the NADP aims at reinvigorating Liberia's agricultural sector and reducing the nation's dependence on food imports.

“Ensuring food security for our people is paramount, especially in the face of climate change and economic challenges. The NADP is not just a plan but a game changer, a roadmap to a more secure and sustainable future built on a thriving agricultural sector," President Boakai declared.

The Liberian Leader pointed to the NADP as a comprehensive policy framework designed to harness Liberia's abundant agricultural potential and transition from subsistence farming to large-scale, sustainable, mechanized agriculture.

The President said the plan places a strong emphasis on empowering farmers, promoting modern agricultural technologies, and creating opportunities for large-scale cooperative farms.

The President furthered that the plan seeks to engage stakeholders across the agricultural sector, including farmers, agro-businesses, researchers, and policymakers, to drive collective action and achieve its ambitious targets.

President Boakai urged all Liberians to embrace the call to revolutionize agriculture, emphasizing that a flourishing agricultural sector would yield numerous benefits for the nation, including improved food security, economic growth, and reduced poverty.

He emphasized, "When agriculture flourishes in Liberia, the entire nation flourishes. No one goes to bed on an empty stomach; poverty diminishes, crime goes down, peace reigns; the Lone Star shines, and we all, with one accord, celebrate the glittering joy and happiness in the bright shining Lone Star."

The Liberia Chief Executive noted that the NADP signals a pivotal moment in Liberia's pursuit of agricultural transformation, and the government is poised to provide the necessary resources, infrastructure, and support to ensure the plan's success.